The average person has an 8 second attention span...

so we made a litter box that cleans in under 6.

...and for cats over 13lbs, we launched Curve XL

Boxscoop Curve is our XL model for large kitties (or seniors) up to ~20 lbs. Curve XL holds more litter and uses a different easy scooping system.

We launched Boxscoop in 2018

Since then, we’ve grown to 30,000+ customers—and that’s with a tiny marketing budget.

  • AMAZING! Changed our life - no joke! - Siri L.

    "Whether you have 2 cats, or 6 (like we don't want to admit we have), this was a life changer for us. It literally takes 3 seconds, I can do them all myself in less than a
    minute - total time."

  • - Purrwood Forest Cat Sanctuary

    "Best. Box. Ever! We have tried soooo many at our sanctuary, manual and automatic, and this is BY FAR the easiest litter box to clean that we've ever encountered. We bought 12 and the time saved everyday is amazing."

  • - Michael & Anna

    "We have 6 cats and 4 box scoop 2.0. The cats all love it and it is so
    easy to scoop all 4 boxes each day. Never issues with odor or
    mess. Love this product!"

  • - Dessah

    "Scooping is fast, clean, and dust free. I don't have to search and scrape a box looking for hidden poos. Instead of making the most complicated solution like the $400 systems, Boxscoop took it down to the most simple, practical, efficient and stylish solution. Im blown away. Truly."

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Will Boxscoop work for you?

We launched Boxscoop in 2018, and since then we've gained thousands of loyal customers, who found us after trying everything else.

It’s our mission to make daily cleaning easy, so your cats have a clean comfortable place to do their business.

-Michelle + James

  • Do you use a clumping litter?

    Clay works, but cat healthy alternative litters like corn, grass, walnut and wheat are what we really love and optimize for.

    *Pretty Litter also works in Boxscoop

  • Do you have 15-30 seconds a day...

    because, that's all it takes to keep Boxscoop completely fresh.

  • Perfect, Boxscoop just simplified your life

    and it'll also pay for itself in litter savings, because both our models are super litter efficient!

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There’s no other system like our patented designs— uncomplicated, fun to clean, and a breeze to sanitize... -

We're a small producer. Our products are only available on


Which litters do you recommend?

Clumping litters that sift well, especially alternative litters like corn, grass, walnut and many others.

We also launched our own litter (currently in limited supply):

Boxscoop Cat Litter

*Pretty Litter also works great in Boxscoop and so do most clay litters.

**pellet litters, wood litters, and Dr. Elsey’s are not recommended.

What the F is Toxoplasmosis?

It's a disease caused by toxoplasma gondii parasites. Cat feces can contain these parasites.

Here's the kicker, that's rarely explained! After a cat produces feces it takes 1-5 days for Toxoplasma gondii to form—if you clean the litter box daily, and toss the waste, toxoplasma gondii never have a chance to form!

What about automatics?

Automatics: It's like throwing soiled litter in your dryer-- waste spins around constantly, creeping into all the crevices, and it's tediously hard to sanitize. Automatics can be loud, noisy eyesores, stressful to cats, and even the best ones can struggle with cat healthy alternative litters. 

Both Boxscoop 2.0 and Curve require less time to maintain than auto boxes, once you factor in emptying the waste drawer, clearing clogs, and sanitizing all the components so odors and bacteria do not accumulate in the auto box.

Is Boxscoop awesome for everyone?

Boxscoop is meant to be scooped daily (or at least every second day); that’s where you’ll get the most benefits. It takes just a few seconds a day to maintain a super fresh healthy litter box.. but you need to spend those seconds.

How do I stop my litter box from smelling?

Easy— you scoop it! Cats have approximately 200 million odor-sensitive cells; if it smells to us, then it smells 40x worse to them!

Boxscoop has no corners and it takes seconds to run the scoop through all the litter and the smells are gone... it's a rewarding feeling that will make you feel good... and your cat(s) even better.

Will my cat use a top entry?

The design is based off cat behavior studies. Cats feel safe with walls around them and an open top to observe their surroundings—similar to a cardboard box... our top is designed to feel completely open.

When will my order ship?

We ship in batches and post the next available ship date on our product pages.

Orders are shipped via FedEx ground