Boxscoop 2.0- 3300+ backers pledged $465,000+ to bring 2.0 to life

Boxscoop 2.0: World's Fastest Cleaning Litter 'Box'

700+ cats use our original model and 3300+ backers ordered 2.0. It’s time to build the ultimate litter box— together! There’s still time to pre-order yours! **Australia and Europe are now sold out. Please see last FAQ question**

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What the F is Toxoplasmosis?

It's a disease caused by toxoplasma gondii parasites. Cat feces can contain these parasites.

Here's the kicker, that's rarely explained! After a cat produces feces it takes 1-5 days for Toxoplasma gondii to form—if you clean the litter box daily, and toss the waste, toxoplasma gondii never have a chance to form!

What about automatics? What about sifting trays?

Sifting trays clog, raise (dangerous) litter dust, and do little to stop litter tracking.

Automatics: some are good, some are awful. It's hard to sanitize all their seams and components, they can be loud, noisy eye-soars, and even the best automatics can struggle with alternative litters... plus, opening the waste drawer after its been festering for days can be very unhealthy. If you use an automatic litter box, it's important to empty the waste container frequently—otherwise parasites and bacteria can form.

Will my cat use a top entry?

The design is based off cat behavior studies. Cats feel safer with walls around them and an open top to observe their surroundings—similar to a cardboard box.

Boxscoop works as both an open top litter system and a top entry. If you are concerned about your cats adapting, than you can use without the cover for a few weeks and add the cover later when they're comfortable and it's natural.

What are the dimensions?

Outside diameter: 20" (51CM)

Height: 15.2" (38.5CM)

Hole opening: 12" (31CM)

More details can be found on Indiegogo: More details

Why Pre-order?

We brought the first model to market ourselves. It was incredibly expensive and challenging. The feedback we received was amazing but with crowdfunding support we can now do so much better!

We’ve now produced the first 4000 Boxscoop 2.0’s and they will ship between August 30th and September 15th. Australia and Europe sales are now sold-out indefinitely; Canada and US shipments are full until October 2019—there is still room to pre-order yours in our October shipment!  

It's very expensive to produce and ship this size container with precision. For the foreseeable future our business model will be pre-order only. Read all the Boxscoop 2.0 details on Indiegogo! We are beyond excited to build the best litter box this world has seen. Help us create yours and you'll lock in at our best prices, and receive it first.

How do I stop my litter box from smelling

Easy— you scoop it! Boxscoop is not like other litter boxes. It takes seconds to thoroughly clean and it does not have seams or corners for odors (bacteria) to accumulate.

Does Boxscoop come with any odor filters?

Cats have approximately 200 million odor-sensitive cells; that's 40x more than humans.

The litter industry has spent too much energy trying to contain odors rather than eliminate the source. It's cruel and we are adamantly against trapping, sealing or covering up odors.

We love our cats, and if it smells to us, than it smells 40x worse to them! It takes six seconds to run the scoop through and the smells are gone... it's a rewarding feeling that will make you feel good... and your cat(s) even better.

What kind of litters work with this system?

Clumping litters like Clay, corn, grass, walnut, wheat and some wood litters.

Please see the bottom of our instruction page for pros/cons and videos with the most common litter types:


What if I have many cats?

You'll need a few for sure ;-) but Boxscoop handles 'commercial' traffic well. Purrwood forest bought a bunch from us in the summer and left a video review on their Facebook. See what they have to say here:

Purrwood Forest Cat Sanctuary


Here you go:

Instructions and tips

I live in another part of the world, how can I order?

Boxscoop ships in a large box and international shipping is not possible at this time. We did one shipment to Australia and one to EU during crowdfunding but at this time we do not have any further shipments planned.

If you want us to bring Boxscoop to your country, please email us with your country name in the subject line. For example, if you're in Australia please email with subject line "Interested in Australia"

We'll tally the responses and when we feel we have enough requests to justify the challenging import procedures, we will begin arranging.