Boxscoop 2.0- 1732 backers pledged $210,377 to bring 2.0 to life

Boxscoop 2.0: World's Fastest Cleaning Litter 'Box'

700+ cats use our original model and 2300+ backers ordered 2.0. It’s time to build the ultimate litter box— together! There’s still time to pre-order yours!

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Why Pre-order?

We brought the first model to market ourselves. It was incredibly expensive and challenging. The feedback we received was amazing but with community support we can do so much better.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are platforms that connect innovative projects with the community. Amazing things can be created when a crowd gets together and demands change. We launched 2.0 on Kickstarter on January 22, 2019 and raised CA$ 210,377 in just 47 days!

Now we are working on production and also continuing to offer pre-orders on Indiegogo Indemand. It's very expensive to produce this size container with precision and for the foreseeable future our business model will be pre-order only.

Read all the Boxscoop 2.0 details on Indiegogo! We are beyond excited to build the best litter box this world has seen. Help us create yours and you'll lock in at our best prices, and receive it first.

Will my cat use a top entry?

Boxscoop is both an open top litter system and a top entry. It can be used either way.

If you are concerned about your cats adapting to a top entry than you can use without the cover for a few weeks and then add the cover when it’s natural for them. (We have hundreds of cats now using Boxscoop covered without issue)

...but most of the time it's a moot point, because cats are curious and typically climb into everything. Have you noticed how fast a cat starts purring when they climb in a box? It's typically the same for a top entry litter system-- cats love them.

What are the dimensions?

For more details and full specifications visit our Indiegogo page and click "Read The Story"

More details

How do I stop my litter box from smelling

Boxscoop is not like other litter boxes and if used correctly it will never smell! Most litter systems have corners, seams, grates and other crevices which bacteria and odors build up in. 

There are no corners or seams in this design and the scoop scrapes the containers surface so there is also no crud buildup! It stays really fresh and we’ve literally never had one of our units smell when scooped frequently (every day or two).

Does Boxscoop come with any odor filters?

No, and none of our products ever will! This industry has spent far to much energy trying to contain odors rather than eliminate the odor source. If the litter box smells outside imagine what it smells like inside, especially to a cat with a far better sense of smell.

We have no intention on trapping odors. We make cleaning easy so odors don’t exist and if they do, then think of it as a friendly reminder to take a few seconds and run the scoop through... it's actually quite a rewarding feeling.

What makes this different from other systems?

Everything! Boxscoop is intuitive, will never clog or jam, cleans in literally seconds, can be completely sanitized in seconds, and it’s modern and fits in your space. There is nothing else out there that can do this. Period. 

Wait, what about the automatics?

Most of them clog and jam, are noisy, bulky, expensive and still have to be emptied frequently... we won't even mention santizing all those components to stop odor build up... oops we just did.


What kind of litters work with this system?

Clay, walnut, grass, corn, wheat and crystals. Essentially any litter besides pine and pellet litter.

If you have any specific questions about a litter you prefer than please reach out to us.

What if I have many cats?

You'll need a few for sure ;-) but Boxscoop handles 'commercial' traffic well. Purrwood forest bought a bunch from us in the summer and left a video review on their Facebook. See what they have to say here:

Purrwood Forest Cat Sanctuary

What's the Boxscoop story?

Our story is too long for a FAQ and needs a whole page of its own:

Read here