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Learn how Boxscoop works

The average person has an 8 second attention span...

so we made a litter box that cleans in under 6.

Rotate. Lift. Toss— Fresh and clean...

without reaching inside or raising any dust.

Now, will it work for you?

Cats have 200 million odor-sensitive cells and it’s our mission to make daily cleaning easy, so your cats have one of their most basic and overlooked needs fulfilled—a clean comfortable place to do their business.


Do you have 20-30 seconds a day? Thirty seconds is ¼ the time it takes to brush your teeth and the scoop will run through all the litter getting those little nasties out; it's a rewarding feeling and your cats will thank you with extra purrs


*Boxscoop is recommended for cats up to around 15lbs that are agile and can easily jump up on to a couch. The scoop can also be stored outside, or Boxscoop can be used with the cover off for cats that want a bit of extra room.

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Save time scooping

In 5 days we spent 2.7 minutes total on the litter box, including removing/replacing the cover and tossing the waste in another room and that's with a 14-15lb cat

Infrared camera recording 5 days of litter box fun

Save money on litter

Boxscoop is incredibly litter efficient. With clay litter it uses about 35% less litter per year... but alternative litters are where we totally crush it!


They're healthier, environmentally friendly, and even though they are more expensive than clay per pound, Boxscoop uses them so efficiently that they're actually substantially cheaper.


*calculations based on one large 12-15lb cat. Click image below for full litter cost experiment!

Picture cleaning your cats litter box... was that a happy thought?

Then you and your cats need Boxscoop. There’s no other system like this patent pending design— uncomplicated, fun to clean, and a breeze to sanitize... plus, it uses cat litter so efficiently it will pay for itself in 3-6 months. 


Don’t miss out...

Between September 2019 and June 2020 we shipped 10,000+. The feedback we've received is amazing and we are constantly working to continually improve. 


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Extended offer: Our new Boxscoop toss container will be included with all orders placed before May 15th.


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Order your Boxscoop 2.0

$75.00 USD

$105.00 USD

Some of the messages we receive...

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Which litters do you recommend?

There are so many litters on the market and all have different strengths and weaknesses. Many of our customers happily use clay litter in Boxscoop, but it's not what we recommend. We recommend alternative litters like Corn, Grass, Walnut and many others.

These litters are constantly advancing; they are lighter, cleaner, healthier, environmentally friendly, stay fresh much longer… and they are actually cheaper per year in Boxscoop than even the cheapest clays. We engineered subtle features into Boxscoop so that it excels, and uses these healthier alternative litters incredibly efficiently.

Check out the bottom of our instruction page for videos and details on Clay, Corn, Grass, Walnut and other litters: Instructions

What the F is Toxoplasmosis?

It's a disease caused by toxoplasma gondii parasites. Cat feces can contain these parasites.

Here's the kicker, that's rarely explained! After a cat produces feces it takes 1-5 days for Toxoplasma gondii to form—if you clean the litter box daily, and toss the waste, toxoplasma gondii never have a chance to form!

What about automatics? What about sifting trays?

Sifting trays clog, raise (dangerous) litter dust, and do little to stop litter tracking.

Automatics: some are good, some are awful. It's hard to sanitize all their seams and components, they can be loud, noisy eyesores, and even the best automatics can struggle with alternative litters... plus, opening the waste drawer after its been festering for days can be very unhealthy. If you use an automatic litter box, it's important to empty the waste container frequently—otherwise parasites and bacteria can form.

Is Boxscoop suitable for my cat?

We recommend Boxscoop for cats up to around 15 lbs that are agile enough to jump onto a couch.

For a little extra space the scoop can also be stored outside the container.

Will my cat use a top entry?

The design is based off cat behavior studies. Cats feel safe with walls around them and an open top to observe their surroundings—similar to a cardboard box... our top is designed to feel completely open.

Plus, Boxscoop works both with and without the cover. If you are concerned about your cats adapting, than you can use without the cover for a few weeks and add the cover later when they're comfortable and it's completely natural.

Is Boxscoop awesome for everyone?

Boxscoop is meant to be scooped daily (or at least every second day); that’s where you’ll get the most benefits. It takes just a few seconds a day to maintain a super fresh healthy litter box.. but you need to spend those seconds. If you plan to overfill it with litter and run the scoop through it every ‘once in awhile’ than it’s probably not the right fit for you.

That said, if you forget a day here or there, or go out of town for the weekend it’s not a big deal! It just might take you a few more seconds to run the scoop through after, and it may not be as fresh.

Is it always that easy?

Pretty much! but... Cats and humans are unique, and so are the hundreds of different litter types.

Most of our customers are having amazing experiences; if you’re having less than an amazing experience than please read our instruction and litter guide, or reach out to us for pointers. There is a way to get you that very same experience, but it may take some open minded adjustments.

Check out our detailed instruction guide with tips and tricks for all situations and a full guide to the best litters:

Instructions and litter guide

How do I stop my litter box from smelling?

Easy— you scoop it! Cats have approximately 200 million odor-sensitive cells; that's 40x more than humans.

The litter industry has spent too much energy trying to contain odors rather than eliminate the source. It's cruel and we are adamantly against trapping, sealing or covering up odors.

We love our cats, and if it smells to us, than it smells 40x worse to them! It takes seconds to run the scoop through all the litter and the smells are gone... it's a rewarding feeling that will make you feel good... and your cat(s) even better.

What are the dimensions?

Outside diameter: 20" (51CM)

Height: 15.2" (38.5CM)

Hole opening: 12" (31CM)

What if I have many cats?

You'll need a few for sure ;-) but Boxscoop handles 'commercial' traffic well. Purrwood forest bought a bunch from us in the summer and left a video review on their Facebook. See what they have to say here:

Purrwood Forest Cat Sanctuary

*If two cats are sharing one litter box, we recommend scooping more frequently and using a good quality lightweight alternative litter. Clay litters can get pretty gross when two cats are sharing.


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