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Boxscoop Designs Inc.

Boxscoop 2.0

Boxscoop 2.0

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We're on a mission to clean up the litter box. Boxscoop is a unique patented design that perfectly bridges the gap between human and cat life.
  • Cleans faster than automatics
  • Pays for itself in litter savings
  • Doesn't jam or raise dust
  • Recommended for cats up to ~13 lbs
  • Includes our toss container (bags not included)
  • 20" diameter, 15.2" tall, 12" access hole

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Can kittens use Boxscoop top entry?

Yes! Kittens 12-14 weeks or older will have no problem climbing in and out of our top entry-- they especially love it!

Recommended Litters

Boxscoop 2.0 is efficient and will reduce litter usage by ~45%+.

We recommend clumping litters that sift well. Most clay litters work, but what we really love, are alternative litters like corn, grass, walnut and many others.

We also launched our own litter (currently in limited supply):

Boxscoop Cat Litter

*Pretty Litter works great. Dr. Elsey's clay litter is not recommended.

**Wood and pellet litters are not recommended.

Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut


Is your cat a vertical pee'er?

Most cats squat and urinate into the cat litter, but some, usually senior cats, can develop a habit of standing and spraying upwards.

We do not recommend Boxscoop for vertical pee'ers because if your cat sprays above 9-10", it is possible some urine could leak
through the seam where the cover joins the bottom.

In summary, if your cat currently sprays over the walls of a regular high sided litter box, then some urine could escape from Boxscoop 2.0 also.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 216 reviews

Great product. Super intelligent design. Great quality and value.

I was so skeptical but this solved all of our litter problems.

Our very picky cat took to using it quickly and it’s so much easier to clean than other boxes we’ve used. Makes a huge difference with litter tracking too. We are still using clay litter with it and it works well!

So easy to clean!

I love this litter box. My girl makes very frequent bathroom trips because she eats so much, and I love that I can scoop everything in 1-2 passes instead of manually digging around to make sure I got everything. She does jump out of the box like a wild animal instead of using the little step on top, but we’ll work on that. Either way, there’s way less litter on the floor of my laundry room now so I’m pretty happy. I also really appreciate the big scoop that mounts to the litter box because I can dump the litter right into the Cat Genie. I did fill it with too much litter on my first use, but now I’ve got the right amount for easy scooping figured out. Thank you!

I have fun scooping cat litter now

Game changer - used this box for about a month now, practically no litter escapes, it's super easy to scoop (no more sifting for ten minutes), and it's very aesthetically pleasing. 15/10 would recommend.

Blown away! It's so easy!

I wanted to wait a few weeks after letting my cat get used to using the box before I came back for a review. Normally, I wouldn't even do reviews without an incentive to do so, but this litter box is amazing, and I want everyone to know it. First, I'm using the grass litter that was suggested for the box. Tracking is minimal and the box smells about as good as a litter box can smell. Clean-up is a breeze. I remove the lid and scrape and dump the clumps right into a nearby trash can which I empty frequently. It's such a quick and simple process I don't mind cleaning it. I hated cleaning my old traditional litter box and because of that would often put off doing so. I know that's not cool. This box changed that and made one of the houses' worst chores so much easier.