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Boxscoop Designs Inc.

Boxscoop 2.0

Boxscoop 2.0

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We're on a mission to clean up the litter box. Boxscoop is a unique patented design that perfectly bridges the gap between human and cat life.

  • Cleans faster than automatics
  • Pays for itself in litter savings
  • Doesn't jam or raise dust
  • Recommended for cats up to ~13 lbs
  • Includes our toss container (bags not included)

*Save an extra 5% on two or more! Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Recommended Litters

We recommend clumping litters that sift well. Most clay litters work, but what we really love, are alternative litters like corn, grass, walnut and many others.

*Pretty Litter works great. Dr. Elsey's clay litter is not recommended.

Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut


Is your cat a vertical pee'er?

Most cats squat and urinate into the cat litter, but some, usually senior cats, can develop a habit of standing and spraying upwards.

We do not recommend Boxscoop for vertical pee'ers because if your cat sprays above 9-10", it is possible some urine could leak
through the seam where the cover joins the bottom.

In summary, if your cat currently sprays over the walls of a regular high sided litter box, then some urine could escape from Boxscoop 2.0 also.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Emily Stanford
Just What I Needed

I had a Litter Bot but the damn thing was more of a problem than a solution. I like this litter box a lot. With one cat, I don’t really need anything too high tech. It almost makes scooping litter fun…almost ;)

Satisfied cat grandma approved!

I’ve tried for the last year and a half about 3 or 4 different types of boxes for my lil voidling boy. I live in my moms house pertioned away from her portion of the house. She always complained about the smell of cat pee and poo. So much she always threatened to kick out my little baby. I’ve tried just about every kind of box. Every kind of litter as well. I stumbled upon this while searching google. I did my research. Spent over an over hyperfixating on researching this box. The reviews on this website, TikTok reviews, YouTube reviews. After a day, I decided to give it a shot because I was honestly fed up with the box that I had. The litter would just go all over my room even though I have a honeycomb mat trapper underneath. I got this within less than a week. Set up took less than 5 minutes. Threw in the litter they recommended (I emailed them prior to purchasing to inquire about which litter works best for this box. Wound up with grass seed). I immediately noticed a difference. Within a day, the smell of cat pee and poo was gone. The litter tracking has become almost nonexistent. It’s very minimal compared to crystal litter and prior box. My mom hasn’t complained since I set it up. I asked her if she’s had issues with the smell recently and she said she hasn’t had any smells coming from my room in a week. So since I set it up. The function of the swiffer litter scoop is honestly genius. Takes no effort at all (with the right litter). Grass seed litter is a god send with this box and the scoop mechanism. It just glides through with no hassle. And the litter itself is super hard clumping so therefore making it easier on us for scooping.

I suffer from auto immune diseases that cause chronic fatigue and chronic body pain and flare ups on a daily basis and scooping litter with an actual scoop always took a toll on my arms, hands and wrists. This box cuts the time by less than half the time, and doesn’t make it difficult because I don’t have to shake any litter with my hands and wrists like I had to with a traditional scoop handle. Thank you to Boxscoop for making this super inclusive in this aspect even if it wasn’t intended! A disabled adult here thanks you from the bottom of their heart.

100/10 purchase. Will prob purchase the bigger box at a much later time as my void uses the restroom a loooooot. Since purchasing I’ve been recommending this box to all my cat parent friends on social media and some have purchased it from my recommendation!

I truly hope that this brand continues to make astounding products for cat parents!

The BEST litter box!

I love the boxscoop 2.0 so much that I bought two of them! It’s quick and efficient and makes cleaning litter boxes way less of a chore! I am so impressed with how simple the mechanics are. I’ve recommended it to anyone who has been in my home, whether they have cats or not! Haha.

Stephanie Barrett
This is the best litter box ever.

Thanks no scoop for creating a litter box that is beyond easy to manage! Fan fur life

Jessica Draper
Life Saver!

Our kitty took to it immediately and loves it! He tracks so much less litter through the room as the jump up (and the grated design) help to knock it off of his paws. The scoop is very easy to use and very convenient. The one and done capability of this is great! We don't use the bag holder on the scoop, but I can see the usefulness that it offers.
The biggest reason that we wanted to try this was to stop our medium sized Norwegian Elkhound from getting all the "treats" he wanted out of the litter box. It works!! He is unable to reach down to the bottom of the box to find the cats presents and can't bother the cat as he does his business. The size of the box is perfect and the design is simple, much more attractive than many other enclosed or raised boxes. I do think the price is a little steep, but even so, it's a purchase that we won't regret!