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Boxscoop Designs Inc.

Boxscoop 2.0

Boxscoop 2.0

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We're on a mission to clean up the litter box. Boxscoop is a unique patented design that perfectly bridges the gap between human and cat life.

  • Cleans faster than automatics
  • Pays for itself in litter savings
  • Doesn't jam or raise dust
  • Recommended for cats up to ~13 lbs
  • Includes our toss container (bags not included)

Recommended Litters

We recommend clumping litters that sift well. Most clay litters work, but what we really love, are alternative litters like corn, grass, walnut and many others.

*Pretty Litter works great. Dr. Elsey's clay litter is not recommended.

Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut


Is your cat a vertical pee'er?

Most cats squat and urinate into the cat litter, but some, usually senior cats, can develop a habit of standing and spraying upwards.

We do not recommend Boxscoop for vertical pee'ers because if your cat sprays above 9-10", it is possible some urine could leak
through the seam where the cover joins the bottom.

In summary, if your cat currently sprays over the walls of a regular high sided litter box, then some urine could escape from Boxscoop 2.0 also.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Amanda Kail
Rescue kittens (3!) LOVE it, and their humans do, too!!

We recently adopted a litter of three kittens, and already had two dogs at home, a Lab and a Heeler mix. Three cats generally equals four litter boxes, and we needed a litter solution that would keep the pups from snacking AND I wanted something aesthetically pleasing. I emailed Boxscoop, and received a prompt response indicating that while larger dogs may be able to put their head into the hole, they should not be able to reach the litter.

We ordered one, both to ensure that our kittens (~10 or 11 weeks at the time of ordering) would be able to use it and to make sure the dogs could not. When it arrived, we had family and friends visiting, and both families have cats at home. Neither guessed that the item in the box was a litter box, and guests cannot tell what it is unless they peek inside. We dumped the litter straight from the old box into the Boxscoop and left the lid off for the first couple of days (adding new litter to the old box). It took one kitten a couple of tries to exit the Boxscoop the first time he used it with the lid on, but it hasn’t deterred him from using it. The doggos have also investigated the contents with no success. I am thankful that there is an option that allows us to provide litter box access for the cats in areas of the house make sense for them.

We do use clay litter, as our kittens will not use either corn or crystal, so we are sticking with their preference so as not to create any litter box issues. When properly filled, we do not have any trouble scooping the Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Slide, and it is not noticeably dusty (it claims to be 100% dust-free, and I’d agree that’s accurate). I have two children ages 9 and 11 who help with litter scooping as well, and they LOVE “getting to” scoop the Boxscoop box. My youngest has some trouble getting the toss container unhooked from the box to dump in the Litter Genie, but I’m certain that with some practice that she will be able to manage it. Occasionally we do have a side poop, but we just use the toss container to sprinkle some litter on it and knock it into the center before scooping.

We loved our first one so much that a second is on the way, and as the kittens grow and gain more access to the house, we will order a third. I’m also hoping to replace our large open box in the laundry room (baby gate is up to prevent dog access) with a Boxscoop Curve XL as well. I’ll add a review for that style when we get to that point.

Buy the Boxscoop!! It’s actually kind of pretty, and will make life with your feline friend(s) so much more simple. The customer service and the people are pretty awesome, too. Shout out to James for answering all of my questions AND changing my late-night order when I second-guessed the color choice.

I don’t have any litter box photos, but I DO have cute kitten photos of Apollo, Violet, and Graycie.

Siri Lerum
AMAZING! Changed our life - no joke!

Whether you have 2 cats, or 6 (like we don't want to admit we have), this was a life changer for us. My husband used to be the one changing out our litter boxes, but because they fill up so fast, they were almost always way too heavy for me to even try messing with. But with these, it literally takes 3 seconds, I can do them all myself in less than a minute - total time. Each one takes maybe ... 10 seconds? where it would take us nearly a half hour or more with the other kinds of traditional boxes. Incredibly easy, fast, and doesn't look cheesy or out of place like other styles look. White and clean and oh, just, so awesome. All the stars for all the things!

Great Customer Service

Quick reply and solution to a question I emailed.

Easy litter box I have used.

Thank you Michelle and James

What a great design!

Ended up unexpectedly adopting a stray kitten, and had concerns about the litter box cleaning, based on mobility issues that I have. A friend was aware of that, and found this as an option that would be easier to clean for me, and it has been great. I love that optional little rolls of poop bags can be stored in the scooper as well!

Ross Hathaway
Very good products

Have now bought 2 boxscoop 2.0 and 1 of the larger boxscoop litter boxes. Our cats love them. May well have to buy another of the larger ones because of how much use the current one is getting :)