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Boxscoop Designs Inc.

the not Sticky, Smelly, Dusty Cat Litter

the not Sticky, Smelly, Dusty Cat Litter

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Let's be honest here...

there is no perfect cat litter. That's why instead of naming our litter as perfect, worlds best, or beautiful... we called it what it is. The not Sticky, Smelly, Dusty litter.

Our team mixes and packages the best natural ingredients to create, what we believe is the best available.

All Natural + Sustainable Ingredients

100% Plant Based, made from Cassava and California Walnut Shells. Our shells are sifted multiple times to remove dust.

Naturally Odor Neutralizing without chemicals or artificial scents.

Super Fast Sifting

This means quick effortless cleanups, especially in Boxscoop.

Tight Firm Clumps

Most cat healthy alternative litters clump soft. Our litter clumps firm, like clay... but without the sticky grossness.

Dissolves in Water

If your city allows flushing cat litter, you can put the clumps in the toilet and let them sit for a few minutes, then flush.

*Please use common sense-- if the litter box has not been scooped for a few days, do not overwhelm the toilet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

If I could give this litter 10 stars, I would!!

I've been using a popular clumping clay litter for years. It worked fine, but was dusty,and if I wasn't perfectly diligent about scooping, it was a real chore to clean boxes.

Boxscoop litter is light, absorbs odor really well, clumps hard like a litter should, and best of all, it does not stick to my cats' litter boxes!! As someone with mobility issues, I can say I wish this litter had been around years ago. Thank you, Boxscoop!! You've created a product that's as close to perfect as cat litter can be!!


I love what the company is doing with this litter. I just tried it for the first time last month. I like to use equal parts of this and my normal clay litter to fill our Boxscoop litter boxes. It helps the scoop to more easily glide through.

Nicole L.
The best cat litter we've ever used

It absorbs the smell of the litter box, doesn't get stuck on paws and tracked through the house and my cat will continue to even use the litter box when my son forgets to clean it.

Fabulous Litter!

For a senior citizen that cant handle the 20 pound litter any more, you have made it possible to keep my family together. There is no aroma and it cleans so easy.

Rachel Munro
Best clumping litter I've ever used

We love everything about your new litter! It scoops so easily in our box scoop Curve and our kitties love it!