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Boxscoop Designs Inc.

Boxscoop Curve XL

Boxscoop Curve XL

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Boxscoop Curve is the first easy cleaning XL litter box! It has 2x more litter surface than Boxscoop 2.0 and uses a different scooping system.

  • Top entry or open top configurations
  • Ergonomic scoop w/stainless steel sifter
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Pays for itself in litter savings
  • Reduces litter tracking
  • Suitable for cats up to ~20 lbs

*Save an extra 10% on two or more! Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Recommended Litters

Boxscoop Curve is efficient and will reduce litter usage by ~35%+.

Curve XL works well with almost any clumping litter that sifts well. We recommend cat healthy alternative litters; here are some of our favourites:

 Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut

*Slow sifting and pellet litters are not ideal for Boxscoop Curve, although they can still work.


Curve XL Open Top + Ramp

Curve XL Top Entry

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Curve XL

Top entry reduces litter tracking. Ramp for senior disabled cats. Easy access litter box. Easy scooping. Maine coon sized litter box


In 2019 we launched Boxscoop 2.0 for cats up to ~13 lbs, and we are thrilled to now be launching Boxscoop Curve for cats up to ~20 lbs!

Boxscoop Curve is available in two cover options, our top entry version, or our open top + ramp version.


The first XL easy cleaning litter box

Our scoop is extra large and the stainless steel sifter is engineered to sift fast while maintaining close 4.5MM spacing to pull out even the smallest waste. That means happier cats and fresher litter that lasts longer.

XL extra large cat litter box for large breed cats like maine coon, bengal etc. Faster easy cleaning than automatic litter box

 Modern sleek hidden litter box furniture with scoop mount to cat litter box similar to iris and modkat but easy scooping

Scoop just the visible clumps...

Grass Seed litter metal sifting scoop in Boxscoop Curve 2.0 the 6 second litter box

...or run the scoop through the entire litter area

With our guided scooping system, you can quickly pull out even the tiniest hidden gems. An easy thorough clean that you'll feel proud of and your cats will adore.

Better than the best automatic litter boxes. Fast thorough litter box scooping with Boxscoop Curve


Cats love circular litter boxes

Rectangular litter boxes are as restrictive as their narrowest measurement.

Boxscoop Curve is circular and fully maximizes the litter surface. Cats under 13-14 lbs love Boxscoop 2.0 and Curve now offers that same experience to large, senior and less agile cats.

Big cats big comfort

Watch this 24" long, 18 lb Bengal cat digging up a storm and turning with ease.

large bengal easy cleaning litter box better than automatic litter robot modkat iris top entry front entry ramp

Modern Circular cat litter box for large breed cats. Litter box 1.5x length of cat.

Ramp + landing pad working together

The ramp, open cover, and landing pad together give three stable steps for cats to get into and out of Boxscoop Curve... and they reduce litter tracking like our top entry version!

Boxscoop 2.0 Curve 20 ramp easy entry senior arthritic 3 legged cats

I poop here... you poop there

Cats are clever... and with our unique patent pending design, they quickly learn to deposit their waste in zones around the litter channel so they know where it is, and avoid stepping on it.

    This is huge benefit for large cats and multi-cat households— they'll quickly learn who does what, where. 
    Litter box for multi-cats. Step in poo poop no longer. Stability in loose litter


    Recommended litters

    Boxscoop Curve is very litter efficient and works well with almost any clumping litter that sifts well like clay, corn, walnut etc. Here are some of our favourites:

     Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut

    *Slow sifting and pellet litters are not ideal for Boxscoop Curve, although they can still work.


    Say goodbye to smelliness...

    Sanitizing Boxscoop Curve is easy and rewarding. That's the beauty of having no corners, seams or mechanical components.

    How to clean litter box thoroughly. Top entry litter box with no corners and reduces litter tracking. Scrub litter box with vinegar, water and soap


    ...and hello to Boxscoop Curve

    We've produced our moulds, completed extensive testing and now we are in production!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Wonderful perfect design/function aesthetic.

    Love this cat box design with Boxie cat litter. My indoor cat litter box solved!!

    Best Litter Box Ever!!!

    I have had multiple cats for over 20 years and have tried more types of litterboxes than you can imagine. What I did not like about those other litter boxes was that they were hard to clean. The clumps got stuck in the corners, and it was tricky to get it out. The litter stuck to the bottom, and you needed to scrub and scrub, and they never came clean. And then there is the litter that is thrown on the floor. What a pain to clean that up every day.

    We moved into a smaller house, and it was hard to find the right place for the litter boxes that did not stand out and look like litter boxes. I ran across these on the internet and thought why not try them.

    I can tell you these are the best litter boxes I have ever had. First, the cats took to them right away. Second, they are SO EASY to clean. The circular design is perfect. Third, they don't look like litter boxes, so I don't have to hid them in a closet or the laundry room.

    I will never buy another brand of litterbox again!!!! For anyone that is not sure about buying these litter boxes, I would say BUY THEM. You will love them, your cats will love them.

    PS. The owners were so accommodating. I ordered the open-top boxes because I was not sure my cats would use a top-entry litter box. Now that I need to have them out in a room and want to keep the dogs away from the litter, I wanted to top entry. They were so nice and let me purchase the top entry part of the litter boxes to go with the ones I already have.

    Kelli Z

    Hi - just wanted to say that the xl round litter box is the best litter box we’ve ever used. I’ve had cats since I was little and I’m 51 now so I’ve tried just about every kind of box out there and have even made my own. It’s super easy to keep clean and we’re using less litter!

    We tried the first box scoop for several weeks and the cats love it (and so do I). I just ordered a second one to replace a different box and will be ordering a third one soon!

    Thanks for a great product!

    Replacing all of our litter boxes with these!

    Of all the litter boxes we’ve tried, this is hands down the best. We’ve tried both covered and uncovered boxes, but have always ended up with urine spilling over the side (even with covered boxes, somehow they always manage to pee just right to have it pass the seam), litter all over the floor from how they dig, scoop, or jump out. The BoxScoop Curve has been a game changer! All 3 cats took to it almost immediately, and even our anxious cat has less stress when using this box than any other. He usually comes flying out of the box in a panic, but now he jumps out calmly when he’s actually done, not when he seems like he can’t handle the stress anymore.

    As for the human involvement: cleaning is half the work it used to be! The scoop has its own little notch on the side of the box, so I don’t have to keep one attached to the litter genie anymore. It sifts much quicker and easier than the scoops we’re used to, and is more durable so you can empty a bigger amount of waste at a time. We’ve gone through a lot less litter since we switched to this box as well.

    Final note: their customer service is terrific! We were going to try one of each box but as soon as I opened the BoxScoop 2.0, I realized one of our cats wouldn’t be able to use it comfortably, if at all. I contacted customer service and James was very quick to respond and facilitate a solution. Thank you James!

    Leslie C.
    Buying one more!!!

    My cats love this “box”!! I got one of the curve xl as I have a choncky female that is 16.5 pounds and her brother is slender but big. Mel took to it right away and within a day his sister started using it too. They stopped using the other traditional hooded box, so I’m getting them a second curve.