Boxscoop 2.0- 1732 backers pledged $210,377 to bring 2.0 to life


Boxscoop is super easy to use and written instructions would only waste your time so we put together video instructions. Watch the video below to learn how to best use Boxscoop and how to introduce your cat(s) to a new litter system:



The container we toss the waste into is just a container from Ikea that comes with a lid. We use this at home because we can line it with a bag then put the lid on especially if we scoop a few times a day.

Cleaning tip:

Boxscoop cleans easily but if there is a more difficult area a magic eraser will wipe it clean quickly.

***Important*** If you purchased more than one Boxscoop, please do not stack them when they are empty. The containers have low draft for modern appearance and if you stack them they will not easily come apart. The covers can be stacked.