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SmartCat Eco-Grass

Grass litter is rapidly growing in popularity. A few years ago there was only one brand in the CA/US; now there is approximately 10 different brands!


  • All natural 100% grass eco-friendly
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Excellent clumping strength (after 10-20 minutes)
  • Super lightweight
  • Soft on your cats paws
  • No added chemicals, fragrances, or perfumes
  • Sifts very well
  • Effortless scooping in Boxscoop (kids can do it)


  • Super lightweight = possible litter tracking

Different brands with links:

Australia: we're not sure, please let us know!

CA: Smart Cat or Fresh4Life Eco-Grass (Tisol, Bosleys, PetValu)

US: Smart Cat  or Frisco All Natural Grass + many other brands. 

EU/UK: Super Benek Corn Cat Fresh Grass