Mixology ökocat and grass


  • All natural grass and all natural wood litter combined
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Sifts decently well
  • Improved clumping strength over pure ökocat super soft
  • Soft and stable on your cats paws


    • Super lightweight = potential tracking
    • Sifts a bit slower than other clumping litters

    We like this mix-- but you have to make it yourself by mixing roughly 50% of each type! ökocat and grass are both 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. Grass litters clump tight and stay together; ökocat  clumps decently but does break apart if your cats dig around inside. Mixed together, gives improved clumping strength, easier sifting, and a super soft stable surface for your cats.

    For optimal performance, we recommend using a 2-3" litter depth at the center point. This litter will sift a bit slower than other alternative litters but still much faster than pure ökocat.

    *There are many grass litter brands on the market right now. SmartCat Eco-grass, Fresh4Life Eco-Grass, Switchgrass, The Good Earth etc