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Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL
Boxscoop Curve XL

Boxscoop Curve XL

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Boxscoop Curve is the first easy cleaning XL litter box! It has 2x more litter surface than Boxscoop 2.0 and uses a different scooping system.

  • Top entry or open top configurations
  • Ergonomic scoop w/stainless steel sifter
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Pays for itself in litter savings
  • Reduces litter tracking
  • Suitable for cats up to ~20-21 lbs
  • Top Entry design: 20.5” Diameter x 15.5” H
  • Open Top design: 20.5” Diameter x 13.5 H

Keep reading below for more information/videos on how Curve works and scoops


Top entry reduces litter tracking. Ramp for senior disabled cats. Easy access litter box. Easy scooping. Maine coon sized litter box


In 2019 we launched Boxscoop 2.0 for cats up to ~14 lbs, and we are thrilled to now be launching Boxscoop Curve for cats up to ~20 lbs!

Boxscoop Curve is available in two cover options, our top entry version, or our open top + ramp version.


The first XL easy cleaning litter box

Our scoop is extra large and the stainless steel sifter is engineered to sift fast while maintaining close 4.5MM spacing to pull out even the smallest waste. That means happier cats and fresher litter that lasts longer.

XL extra large cat litter box for large breed cats like maine coon, bengal etc. Faster easy cleaning than automatic litter box

 Modern sleek hidden litter box furniture with scoop mount to cat litter box similar to iris and modkat but easy scooping

Scoop just the visible clumps...

Grass Seed litter metal sifting scoop in Boxscoop Curve 2.0 the 6 second litter box

...or run the scoop through the entire litter area

With our guided scooping system, you can quickly pull out even the tiniest hidden gems. An easy thorough clean that you'll feel proud of and your cats will adore.

Better than the best automatic litter boxes. Fast thorough litter box scooping with Boxscoop Curve


Cats love circular litter boxes

Rectangular litter boxes are as restrictive as their narrowest measurement.

Boxscoop Curve is circular and fully maximizes the litter surface. Cats under 13-14 lbs love Boxscoop 2.0 and Curve now offers that same experience to large, senior and less agile cats.

Big cats big comfort

Watch this 24" long, 18 lb Bengal cat digging up a storm and turning with ease.

large bengal easy cleaning litter box better than automatic litter robot modkat iris top entry front entry ramp

Modern Circular cat litter box for large breed cats. Litter box 1.5x length of cat.

Ramp + landing pad working together

The ramp, open cover, and landing pad together give three stable steps for cats to get into and out of Boxscoop Curve... and they reduce litter tracking like our top entry version!

Boxscoop 2.0 Curve 20 ramp easy entry senior arthritic 3 legged cats

I poop here... you poop there

Cats are clever... and with our unique patent pending design, they quickly learn to deposit their waste in zones around the litter channel so they know where it is, and avoid stepping on it.

    This is huge benefit for large cats and multi-cat households— they'll quickly learn who does what, where. 
    Litter box for multi-cats. Step in poo poop no longer. Stability in loose litter


    Recommended litters

    Boxscoop Curve is very litter efficient and works well with almost any clumping litter that sifts well like clay, corn, walnut etc. Here are some of our favourites:

     Sustainably yours review World's best cat litter Grass Seed litter out clumps clay odor control Naturally Fresh Walnut

    *Slow sifting and pellet litters are not ideal for Boxscoop Curve, although they can still work.


    Say goodbye to smelliness...

    Sanitizing Boxscoop Curve is easy and rewarding. That's the beauty of having no corners, seams or mechanical components.

    How to clean litter box thoroughly. Top entry litter box with no corners and reduces litter tracking. Scrub litter box with vinegar, water and soap


    ...and hello to Boxscoop Curve

    We've produced our moulds, completed extensive testing and now we are in production!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Definitive resolution to a two-years-long problem

    After trying several litter box configurations to deal with the issue of a cat who prefers to stand up straight to pee, this large, round litter box with high sides finally solved all the problems. After purchasing the Curve XL with the step, it took our cat about one day to decide to use the new box instead of any of her old ones, which were still available then. She quickly made the choice, so the design must be appealing. Since using the Curve XL, she has had zero over-pee experiences. The odors are gone, the massive trays used as a moat under litter boxes are gone, tracking mats are gone (she's not a longhaired cat), and cleaning is finally easy. Even if your cat doesn't have pee-over problems at the moment, get this box because it's likely to happen once they get older. I only wish we had this box for our cats who are no longer here.

    Best litter boxes on the market

    Hi there,

    I'm a proud adoptive mama of 6 cats - 4 seniors old enough for medicare, 2 young enough to sneak into movie theaters. Together, we all have peculiar litter habits that have made the human, in charge of litter box maintenance and little else, a little crazy over the years. With the two young'uns about to be added to the mix 6 months ago, and about to move into a new place, my priority was finding the best possible litterbox rather than a mattress. After a intrahousehold cat debate over which litterboxes we should buy, and an all-consuming 3 week long spiral into the rabbit hole that is making any kind of shopping choice when your cats have more executive functioning capacity than you, we decided on Boxscoop - 2 top entry, 2 xl. 6 months later, here's what we've learned:

    -you are still going to need to buy the mattress you forgot to buy while you were hyperfocused on catsh*t
    -if your cats have kidney disease and/or diabetes, the top entry ones might not be the right fit. the sheer amount of fluid that you'll find twice a day in the litterboxes makes the 'scoop' part of the top entry not super feasible. the top entry works great for my two youths, but you're not gonna be able to 6 second scoop the kidney cats' urine without risking an overflow situation when you're trying to scoop to the top. even when you put less than the recommended amount of litter in the top entry, the 'clump' of urine litter is just so large that it's not been possible for me to scoop without having some go over the edge.


    -these babies are gorgeous - i'm a big fan of function over form but holy heccin hec do these deliver on both. don't gotta hide these bad boys, they look, dare I say it, ~sophisticated~
    (listen, okay, if it wasn't obvious already that I'm extremely single than you must've missed the part about 6 cats)
    -my cats LOVE them. and they immediately loved them. no learning curve growing pains - but that might just be because they saw how excited I was about them and then naturally wanted to pee all over them immediately
    -they are super well & thoughtfully constructed. I especially love the little step included for the arthritis-havers. all of them use the steps which do catch a fair amount of litter. except for when they're very excited about what they just produced and decide to Olympic flip over the top edge
    -i haven't had any issues with leaking - but my cats are luckily not vertical sprayers. if yours are, i'd suggest the XL over top entry
    -the XLs are so freakin easy to clean I love them, here's my system:
    -I use the World's Best low dust multicat litter and it lasts SO LONG with these guys - I went from $30/week on litter (different kind) with my old boxes and now I'm at $30/month if that
    -I scoop in the morning & at night
    -I use an Ubbi pet waste pail that stays right near them so I can scoop directly into that. then I take that bag of litter out every week. the smell of cat litter is at the lowest level I've ever gotten it to
    -I'm down to maybe 15 minutes a week total worth of litterbox maintenance from about an hour a week
    -the little raised platform in the middle of the XLs is genius - all the cats use that to step on first before they get into the 'channel'

    I don't know how I managed to make the best shopping decision I've ever made for something that, let's be honest, can be pretty high stakes, but I'm glad I got out of the rabbit hole spiral by finding Boxscoop. I was looking at all the other options, and I mean ~all~ the other options - automatic, litter robot, breeze, littergenie, the fancy $100+ designer ones, and I am so glad to have picked these guys. Definitely the most eco-friendly (with non-clay litter), least messy (automatic options are a nightmare if anyone gets diarrhea), and most aesthetically pleasing even to someone who is pretty utilitarian when it comes to this stuff.

    Anyways, just ordered 2 more XLs. These are good boxes, y'all. Hope this helps.

    Love this box!

    This litter box is great! It is so much easier to scoop. I have two cats, one of which is larger and for whatever reason faces the wall when he goes. This means his bum is usually at the edge of most litter boxes when he uses them. Due to his size, I had to choose the Curve XL. The entrance to the box is higher and the walls are straight, so there's no more mess on the walls of the box!!! 😄 Scooping is a breeze, too. I used to use a corner litter box for the extra room. It was fine, but this round box is so much better and easier to clean. It even fits my favorite scoop perfectly, which was a pleasant surprise.

    Another thing I'm stoked about is the litter I switched to based on Boxscoop's reviews and responses to questions. I went from my clay litter to a mixture of the grass and walnut litters. It clumps STRONGER than the clay AND cleaner than the clay. I love it!

    Thank you Boxscoop, you have made my life so much easier.

    Mindy Marie

    I have 4 indoor cats. One is a Senior (female-spayed). The other three are males (all neutered). Shortly after the 4th cat arrived, I purchased a larger litter box which was enclosed. That was a bad idea! My Senior began using the bathroom sink to do her business, which prompted the others to follow--or they would choose to intimidate whichever one was actually using the litterbox by sitting outside of (blocking) the entry/exit door. Potty time quickly became a hot mess! After researching different brands and types of litter boxes, I chose the Boxscoop Curve XL. I received my new litter box within a week (even though it included a weekend and holiday!) and since setting it up, potty time has had a 100% improvement! All four cats are using it and I'm no longer finding surprises in my bathroom sink. The large size and open top allows for easy in/out access and it sits nicely in the corner of the room. I highly recommend the Boxscoop Curve XL!

    Nancie, Xander, and Harley
    Happy Kitties Happy Owner!

    I just got the Curve XL and is it a beaut! My 15 year old cat Xander is always the one who watches my every cat box move, so he was right there when I assembled and filled it. This old man walked up to the box, thought about entering from the side without the step, then thought better of it and went for the step.

    Christened cat boxes are happy cat boxes. Or something like that. He also tends to lift when he pees so high sided boxes are a must and lemme say, flying colors were passed!

    I have never been more excited about watching a cat pee. And shipping! Wow. It’s like you read my mind and shipped before I paid, it came so fast!!

    My other boy Harley is 13 and he’s not a jumping cat. He’s super shy about new things but took right to it and he loves the box too! I am thrilled with how easy it is to scoop and maintain. Eight paws and two thumbs up from us!!

    That’s Harley on the left, Xander on the right.