Boxscoop 2.0- 3300+ backers pledged $465,000+ to bring 2.0 to life

Boxscoop 2.0 | Super Early Bird Add-on

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$105.00 USD

This is add-on pricing and only available for super early bird Kickstarter backers. This add-on 2.0 will be shipped with your Kickstarter order to the same address.

*Kickstarter was funded in CAD. That said, all our manufacturing, shipping, and logistics costs are paid in USD and our store is setup in USD only.

**Limited add-ons available. Ordering cutoff time is 11.59PM PST on May 21st.


1. If you have not already completed the Kickstarter backer survey, please complete and submit before adding additional 2.0's.

2. After survey is completed, select the color for your 2.0 add-on, add to cart and checkout. 

3. Enter the same shipping name/address as used on the Kickstarter survey.

*There is a US$ 5 shipping top up charge for each 2.0 add-on included in this price

After we receive your order we'll review and tag it to your Kickstarter pledge and both will be shipped at the same time.

Michelle + James