Boxscoop 2.0- 3300+ backers pledged $465,000+ to bring 2.0 to life

Boxscoop 2.0 | Kickstarter Add-on

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$105.00 USD

This is add-on pricing and only available for Kickstarter backers. This add-on 2.0 will be shipped with your Kickstarter order to the same address.

*Kickstarter was funded in CAD. That said, all our manufacturing, shipping, and logistics costs are paid in USD and our store is setup in USD only.

**Limited add-ons available. Ordering cutoff time is 11.59PM PST on May 21st.


1. Please complete the Kickstarter backer survey before completing this add-on.

2. After survey is completed, select the color for your 2.0 add-on and add to cart + checkout. 

3. Enter the same shipping name/address as used on the Kickstarter survey.

*There is a US$ 5 shipping top up charge for each 2.0 add-on

After we receive your order we'll review and tag it to your Kickstarter pledge and both will be shipped at the same time.

Michelle + James