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Boxscoop 2.0 | Australia-Europe

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Last chance for AU and EU orders!  Due to expensive handling and import costs as a foreign company, we'll only be importing one shipment to Adelaide for Australia and one to Hamburg for Europe. This means all EU and AU orders will be fulfilled in August + Early September even if you order the October shipment.

We have limited space remaining. We do plan to work with a distributor in Australia and Europe but that likely won't begin until mid 2020. Order your Boxscoop 2.0 now before the AU/EU shipments are completely full.

*FREE SHIPPING for orders of two or more. Price includes Duties/GST for AU and Duties/VAT for EU

**Australian orders will ship at the end of July and arrive near end of August. EU orders will ship end of July and arrive first week of September.

***Canada/USA- all shipments are full until October. Please Pre-order through Indiegogo

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