Boxscoop 2.0- 3300+ backers pledged $465,000+ to bring 2.0 to life

Boxscoop 2.0

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We’ve got to admit, Boxscoop is pretty Kickass, and we’re only doing one shipment to AU and EU... make sure your Kickass new litter box is onboard. After these shipments are complete we’ll be taking an indefinite break from further AU/EU shipments. 

Quantity remaining (August 14):

Australia- Matte Charcoal: Sold Out

Australia- Matte White: Sold Out

Europe- Matte Charcoal: Sold Out

Europe- Matte White: Sold Out

Delivery dates: 

Australia: delivery between September 1 and 10

Europe: delivery between September 7 and 25

***Canada/USA- Please Pre-order for the October shipment through Indiegogo.