Boxscoop 2.0- Current status

While we wait to receive our Boxscoop 2.0 inventory, we've created this status page so you can check any updates on the arrival/situation. Going forward, we'll be updating this page frequently, even if no new information is available. 

These last few weeks have been an incredibly difficult time for our small business and we cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding. That said, given these unexpected delays we understand we may unfortunately lose some of your orders. If you feel you must cancel, please email us:


Michelle + James

[Jan. 24th, 2021 update]

The unloading date for our inventory has held
steady at Feb. 3rd, since moving up from Feb. 8th. 

[Jan. 12th, 2021 update]

As of Jan. 2nd, all obstacles that were causing delays after the fire have been resolved, but we still have not received a confirmed date that our goods will be unloaded and delivered to us. It usually only takes 1-2 days for this process but it seems to be taking longer in this case. We've been pressing for information, and we'll screen shot the response we received today.

All the red tape has been cleared so we can't imagine what would cause further delays, but the reality is, we are no longer 100% confident we'll be able to receive and ship by Jan. 10th. Maybe we will, or maybe this crazy situation will extend for up to a couple weeks.

We're passionate about what we do, and breaking the news of continual inventory delays has been difficult. We understand if after reading this email you'd like to cancel your order, but our hope is you'll stick it through with us.

Michelle + James

[Dec. 21st, 2021 update] The last information we've received was that the process was going well and we received this picture showing all the visible damage has been cleared. We're pushing for more information, but as of today we still have not received details of when the salvage team will finish so our good can be delivered. We'll continue to push for more information tomorrow as we hope to resolve this situation.


[Dec. 13th, 2021 update] 

It's been a wild series of events:

  • A few days before our shipment was set to arrive to our warehouse, the transport company was hit by a rare weather event and a fire broke out.
  • the fire was extinguished, damaging 60 shipments out of ~2000. Our shipment was safe!
  • Insurance became involved and all communication ceased between us and the transport company.
  • Insurance closed the investigation, communication restarted, but the transport company decided to use a salvage team to remove all the damaged goods before proceeding to unload all the safe goods.
  • Record flooding in the region slowed delivery of important equipment needed for the salvage efforts.

That brings us to Dec. 13th, still without Boxscoop 2.0 inventory: Weather 1, Boxscoop 0.

We're not sure how many more days it will take for the salvage team to complete, but today we received some photos, and they are making progress. Once they've completed, all the good shipments will be unloaded and delivered.

[Dec. 10th, 2021 update] the salvage team is working on removing the damaged goods, but we have not been updated on how long it will take. At this time we assume they’ll finish around Dec. 18th, and we should be able to receive our inventory a few days after that. 

We also have a small batch of 500 matte charcoal Boxscoop 2.0’s from another shipment now set to arrive around Jan. 11th (updated date received Dec. 22nd), but regardless, we expect to receive our larger shipment and fulfill all backorders before that date. As always, we appreciate your support and patience during these difficult series of events. 

[Further information for current situation]

On Oct. 21st a rare weather event called a "bomb cyclone" hit the west coast. The transport company carrying our goods and hundreds of other shippers goods was affected by the storm and some of the shipments caught fire. The fire was suppressed and extinguished and it's been confirmed our container of goods was not physically affected, and they are safe and just 30 miles away from our warehouse.

The transport company does not want to claim a loss for the goods damaged while in their possession, so they've claimed the event as an "act of god" and placed a hold on all the undamaged shipments and expect us (the hundreds of other shippers) to collectively split the cost of damages incurred. We have insurance, and our insurance will cover this strange situation but the transport company must calculate how much money they want to collect, and then collect it from each company or insurer. Until they complete this in full, they won't release the hold on any goods in their possession. We were told several weeks ago this should only take a few weeks, worst case, but yet, it is currently still not resolved.
To make matters more complicated, on November 16th an "Atmospheric River" caused flooding throughout the region and damaged multiple highways. The flooding is not directly affecting us, but it definitely is causing further setbacks with the already strained transport companies. This is likely why this delay has extended beyond what anticipated. We are pushing as hard as we can to get your orders shipped and we thank you greatly for the patience and support you've shown us.