ökocat Super Soft


  • All natural wood litter
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Decent clumping strength
  • Super lightweight
  • Soft and stable on your cats paws


  • Sifts much slower than other clumping litters
  • Clumps take 2+ hours to reach 'decent clumping strength
  • Super lightweight = possible litter tracking

ökocat is super lightweight and the wood particles cling together making it more challenging to sift through in one single pass. For optimal performance, we recommend using approximately a 2" litter depth at the center point.

Best technique for ökocat scooping:

  1. Rotate the scoop through the litter very slow and steady. The litter is light and will push very close to the top edge-- that's okay!
  2. Slow down when the litter looks like it may push over the top edge. You can also rotate the scoop backwards a few inches and then slowly continue forwards; this will help sift through the litter.
  3. Move one side of the scoop into the storage slot, and then move the other side-- this frees the scoop for side to side motion.
  4. Shimmy the scoop side to side to gently sift through the remaining litter. See the below GIF for the above described technique:

*Some times it looks as though the litter will push over but in actuality it will just come very close. Wood litters are more challenging but as you become comfortable with Boxscoop you'll begin to master efficient technique with wood litters like ökocat. If you have any questions at all, or would like some advice, please email us at support@theboxscoop.com