Compostable bag technique

How it works:

After you've scooped through the litter, let the scoop rest and pull one corner of the bag between the scoop and container. Use one hand to rotate the scoop upwards and your other hand to pull the bag around. Toss the waste into the bag and tie a knot.

*Please use compostable bags. The perfect bag size is 2.5 to 3 gallon (10 liter).

Why this is awesome:

  • The waste is always individually sealed and healthy inside your home
  • Compostable bags are eco-friendly and decompose back to the earth
  • Corn, Coconut, Grass, Walnut, Wheat, Wood and many other eco-friendly litters can be composted.

*Clay, crystal, or sand litters are not compostable. Please toss the bag in your regular garbage. Even though the litter isn't compostable, the bag will break down and have a positive sustainable effect.