Boxscoop Curve: Instructions & Tips

Please read through the tips and instructions below. A few minutes of reading will help you and your cats get the most from Boxscoop Curve XL.


1. Add litter:

Fill with litter to a depth of ~2 to 2.25 inches (5 - 5.5 cm). For reference, the landing pad in the center is 2.6" deep, so the perfect litter depth will occur when the litter level is about ~1/2" below the landing pad.

We recommend topping up with litter once the level has dropped to ~1.5". With normal usage it will take about 3-4 weeks to drop to this level.


*Add a cup of your cats old litter. This will give their new litter box a familiar scent.

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2. Introduce your cats:

Open top Boxscoop Curve:

Cats should adapt right away without any issue. We do recommend mixing a bit of their old scented litter into their new Boxscoop so the litter has a familiar scent.

Top Entry Boxscoop Curve:

Approximately, 80% of cats will climb inside minutes after setup. If your cat is a bit more skeptical, consider using without the cover until they are comfortable.

     *Please don't rush your cats... this should be a positive experience. Cats are creatures of habit and some just need a little more time than others to make the transition.

    3. Cover and Scoop assembly:

    Align the cover to the base container:

    The slot on the cover (1) aligns to the plug receptacle (1) on the base container. The plug receptacle (2) on the cover, aligns to the slot on the base container (2). Please see the image below for correct assembly:

    Attach the scoop to the base container:

    The scoop has a mount hook (3) near the thumb grips on the handle. The hook on the scoop will slide downwards into the slot on the base container. In this position the scoop will perfectly contour the base container for tidy storage.

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      4. Scooping:

      Boxscoop Curve looks similar to a traditional scoop, but it is far different and far more ergonomicit may take a bit of time to get fully used to the design.

      1. Slowly move the scoop clockwise or counter-clockwise while also applying a slight outwards force so the edge of the scoop hugs the side of Curve XL.
      2. Turn, tilt and lift the scoop from the litter channel for disposal of the waste.

      *In the correct scooping position, the scoop should be on an angle and the side of the scoop should be contouring the sidewall of Curve XL.

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        4b. Scooping tips

        Tip #1: Keep the litter level above 1.5" depth

        It is best to keep the litter depth > 1.5", especially with lighter litters. Once the level drops below 1.5", the clumps will start to form as flatter, wider and closer to the bottom and this will make the sifting process slower.

        Tip #2: Scoop in steps

        If the litter is excessively soiled, it is best to scoop in two steps. Insert the scoop and move it around the litter channel. You'll notice as the scoop fills up with clumps, some of the litter and waste will be pushed forward. It's best to lift out the scoop, discard the waste, and then run the scoop once more all the way around the channel to get any remaining waste out. The litter will now be 100% fresh again.

        Tip #3: Leverage with your free hand

        The Boxscoop Curve base container is very sturdy and you can hold the top edge with your free hand while scooping. This will help you get extra leverage, help hold the container still, and also allow you to scoop comfortably without kneeling down, because Curve can support your weight.


        5. Complete litter changes:

        The litter in Boxscoop Curve should stay fresh for 3-10 weeks, depending on which litter type you are using. The easiest way to perform complete litter changes is to line the cover with a bag, and then lift Boxscoop Curve and pour the old litter into the bag:

         Complete litter change scrub clean litter box with soap water vinegar to remove bacteria and toxoplasmosis gondii


        5b. Scrubbing Curve:

        During complete litter changes, we recommend using the base of Boxscoop Curve as a wash basin.

        1. Fill with some warm water, add some soap and/or vinegar.
        2. Give Curve a quick scrub.
        3. Toss the water and rinse/dry the inside area.

        In a couple minutes you'll be able to make Curve XL as fresh as new =)


        6. Litter types:

        For Boxscoop Curve XL we recommend clumping litters that sift well. Clay litters will generally perform very well in Boxscoop Curve, but that said, we highly recommend alternative natural litters as they are lighter, cleaner, healthier and stay fresh much longer in Boxscoop.

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        *Pellet litters and wood based litters are typically not ideal.

        **If you decide to change your litter type, please change slowly. A new litter box and new litter type all at the same time can sometimes be too much for some cats. Let them get used to Boxscoop and then slowly mix in the new litter with old and until all the old is gone.

        ***Always wash your hands after coming into contact with cat litter and cat waste. Cat feces can contain toxoplasma gondii.

        If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at